Kicking off the weekend, Friday night is a breath of fresh air from the hectic work week. It’s the perfect day to let loose and throw an impromptu dance party in your living room. Fridays are when we get together with our best friends and stay up late listening to music and unwinding from the week. And now with Unprotected Sets, your Friday nights are about to get a whole lot better.

You no longer need to search online for hours looking for the perfect playlist or even hit up a nightclub in order to listen to DJ’s throwing down mixes perfectly curated for your Friday night adventures. Unprotected Sets is a brand new weekly Friday radio show featuring a series of rotating DJ’s and all of their favorite music. With 3 different DJ’s each week, you’ll get an eclectic yet up-to-date mix to start your weekend off right. Hitting the airwaves every Friday night from 12 AM – 2 AM, Unprotected Sets will be the soundtrack to your next house party, night in with friends, or even your late night drive thru run. However you like to spend your weekends, if you enjoy a unique mix of EDM, trap, and hip-hop, Unprotected Sets will become the theme music for all of your Friday nights. Featuring mixes from Nitecap, DJ Byrd, FOMO, AIDIN, Murphi Kennedy, Mr. Deejay, and more, you will be supporting local talent every time you listen. With Unprotected Sets, your Friday nights have just gotten a whole lot easier.

Tune in to Energy 103.7 for Unprotected Sets every Friday night from 12 – 2 AM.