From fashion shows, huge hotel events, pool parties, or yacht soirees DJhere never misses a beat. We handle all the logistics, planning, and on site event coordination for every San Diego event and Las Vegas nightlife event we produce. It takes a delicate hand to work efficiently with the staff, security, and guidelines of any venue. Moreover each venue is unique and has certain goals, therefore DJhere Productions has created the gold standard in producing the most extravagant events in the most complex situations.

EVENT: Promotions, Production, Management, Coordination, Consulting, VIP Hospitality, Fashion Show Production & Coordination, Special Events, Professional Dancers & Costuming

MARKETING: Lifestyle, Web, Print, Email, Mobile, Social Media, Blog, Word of Mouth, Grass Roots, Street Campaigns, Product Placement & Integration, Trend Spotting Advertising

CONSULTING: Overall Event, VIP Hospitality, High Profile Events, Security, Sound & Lighting

MEDIA: Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Visual

CORPORATE & PRIVATE EVENTS: Venue Booking & Negotiations, Theme, Concept, Design, Marketing, Live Performance