Mission Beach’s peninsula is filled with treasures, both tucked away in tiny crevices and blatantly in your face. Idyllic oceanside views are breathtaking and the boardwalk is filled with gorgeous beach homes and prime people watching. Take a stroll down the Mission Beach Boardwalk, take a sharp turn towards the East on Santa Clara Place, and be prepared to be transported from San Diego’s beautiful oceanside to a Caribbean Coastal paradise at Miss B’s Coconut Club. Tiki inspired cocktails, jerk-spiced filled bites, and laid-back digs with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating awaits your arrival.

Summer has arrived, and there’s no better way to celebrate longer days, sunnier skies, and happier moods than with a tropical drink right next to the water.  Who doesn’t love a delicious fruity cocktail that’s equally Instagram worthy as it is tastebud approved? Puerto Rican rum paired with Brandy plus coconut & lime flavors served up in a beautifully branded coconut? Check. Giant copper treasure chests and flamingos overflowing with flavor (and made for sharing)? Got that. Already tried them all? Come back and taste some of the newcomers like the sweet Pineapple Pina Colada or the spicy Chili Mango Margarita and pat yourself on the back for being the ultimate cocktail connoisseur. We tried them all fireside, and may (or may not have) ended the night with a specially mixed up rum shot paired with a pineapple shooter. Talk about service!

Now, let’s get to the bites. While Miss B’s Coconut Club is especially known for their tiki-inspired beachy cocktails, the flavors exploding from the Caribbean-inspired menu are definitely drool worthy. Think jerk seasonings, coconut flavors, and seafood galore. Pair your cocktail with the likes of jerk rubbed chicken wings with your choice of 9 uniquely different dipping sauces, crispy calamari filled with fried surprises like pickles & sweet peppers, and coconut curried mussels perfectly paired with garlic toast to soak up all the tropical flavors.

Still hungry? Pair the classic Cubano sandwich with plantain chips – the pairings of pork, mustard, pickles, and crispy bread makes for a mouthwatering dinner. Transport yourself directly into a Caribbean vacation with the Plantain Coconut Shrimp, served with sweet chili pineapple mojito sauce. Go lighter without sacrificing flavor with the Jerk Chicken Wrap, or keep it old school with the Coconut Club Burger. Brunch bites? Can’t go wrong with a Cuban spin on the brunch cult favorite Eggs Benedict.

Whatever time of day, level of hunger, or thirst that needs to be quenched, Miss B’s Coconut Club is prepped and ready to get your summer time vibes on strong with photogenic and tasty drinks, delicious bites, and hip digs. Check out the menu here or follow the map below to check it out live & in person!