Pacific Beach is not only known for one of the best vacation spots in San Diego, but also has a bar scene that tops the rest. Tourists and locals have a plethora of bars to choose from, each having their own unique style. From bars that have been well established for many of years to the brand new up-and-comers, you will never have a problem finding a spot that fits your day or night relaxation needs!

The latest bar and grill to step onto the PB scene is Mavericks Beach Club. Named after the largest surf break in California, Mavericks Beach Club only made its debut in February and has quickly become a fan favorite amongst the San Diego crowd. Whether you are looking for a place for daytime fun or nighttime celebration this beach club is the right place.

Our recent daytime adventure to Mavericks consisted of catching some rays and enjoying amazing specialty cocktails and delicious signature dishes. We made ourselves comfortable on the big red couches right next to the fire place. For food, we started off with the Mavericks Salad, which was light and refreshing and the Shrimp Truck, with shrimp that made your taste buds spark! For the main meal we went with the Bowl. It consisted of all of the fixings, choice of meat or fish, we had the chicken, and topped it all off with yummy avocado and chipotle aioli. We can’t forget about our services, which was quick, friendly, and always made sure we had everything we needed, making for a pleasant experience.

Mavericks expands 15,000 square feet, has five bars spread across the two story newly renovated building, includes a dog friendly patio with fire pits, outdoor games, sports on 38 different TV screens, a dance club with live music, and did we mention the specialty cocktails, brunch, lunch, and dinner menus that are to die for?! We have had the honor of experiencing Mavericks during the day and at night and the bar knows how to celebrate the way California the way was meant to be!

Mavericks Beach Club located at 860 Garnet Avenue, Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA 92109