Are you a tequila & Gaslamp lover? Then Juan Tequila Bar & Restaurant is the place for you! This a Baja-California inspired restaurant is classy & uniquely designed, with signature tequila cocktails, savory dishes, and an amazing dedicated staff that cares & loves what they do.

Our Juan Tequila Experience

As you walk in you notice the large bookcase style shelving filled with old-world tequila, Mezcal, and other agave spirits. Plus Baja wines and craft beers. The New York style chandeliers, club leather furniture, and marble tabletops gives you the swanky lounge vibe. The main attraction that catches you eye is the unique twinkling bar. Enjoy a drink as if you were looking at the starry night sky!

Their signature cocktails are based on “tropical fruit and Mexican ingredients” and each careful crafted to perfection. Each cocktail is made with fresh juice prepared that morning and if you are a cocktail conisuer that means all the difference. We were recommended the Ōme Juan Kenobi – the name comes from their opening around Comi-Con and what better way to celebrate two big events! The Ōme Juan is made with mezcal, bacanora, agave, lime, and black salt. Not to exaggerate but you could drink a full pitcher of this margarita it is that delicious. This cocktail is “their favorite margarita” and once you have tasted it you will understand what they mean. The second cocktail we sipped on was the Raicilla When I See Ya. Made with bubbly summer sipper tequila, raicilla, blood orange, basil, lemon. It was refreshing, light, delicious sweet, & a tasty night cap.

Juan Tequila offers a “New Baja” variety of sharable, small, & large entree dishes. Again freshly made ingredients, using “ancient and modern techniques” when preparing the dishes. To start we tried the sharable plate, Watermelon y Lime, made with compressed & seared watermelon, oasted pepitas, lime, cotija, radish. If you are looking to try something very different and flavorful then this is a go-t0! Next for our large plates we went with the Pork Belly Verde (Chef’s Favorite) and Pollo Frito con Agave y Elote Azul. The pork belly was smoked & pressed pork belly, poached & grilled pear, ginger ash, mustard greens, and potato. The pork and pear pairing was a delicious treat making it so savory. The pollo frito was blue corn breaded chicken, agave glaze, carrot habanero sauce, stewed papas, and carrot tops. If you want a kick get this dish! Just a savory and makes us wonder how amazing all the other dishes are?

Juan Tequila has become one of our new favorite Tequila bars in the Gaslamp area and it is something locals & tourist should one-hundred percent go visit. So the next time you are in that area makes sure you put it on you list to go check out Juan Tequila – “Delicious, beverages and great-tasting food. The secret to making life better.”

Posted by Juan Tequila Bar & Restaurant on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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