Cloak & Petal is the newest restaurant to hit the streets of Little Italy and it is nothing like we’ve seen before. From the moment you walk in you are transported to a Tokyo style lounge. Artistic graffiti paintings cover the walls, subway tile all long the bar, fresh music vibes, and a open layout but also intimate enough seating allowing each guest to enjoy the full Cloak & Petal experience. Can’t forget the eye catching “hanami-inspired” cherry blossom tree, located in the middle of the first bar. The tree fully completes the ambiance of the restaurant.

Cloak & Petal: Unwind Your Soul from Dtown Productions on Vimeo.

Time for the cocktails and food! To start we started sipping on their yummy High Kick and Born & Dayzed cocktails. The High Kick speaks for itself, you first taste the infusion of tequila and refreshing lime citrus, then ending with a kick of spiced ginger. The Born & Dayzed cocktail that is perfectly described as “a tiki inspired cocktail that’s not too sweet but balanced”. Not only were these both delicious, but beautiful as well.

For the ostsumami (aka – appetizers), we couldn’t resist sharing the Garlic Edamame, Seaweed Salad, and Japanese Mushroom Sauté. Each appetizer had their own distinct delicious flavor that we could eat all day if we could. Taking a modern twist on old favorites, each and every bite was savored and delectable. If you only try one appetizer, the Japanese Mushroom Sauté was jam packed with flavor and is a must try dish!  Now onto the main course.

Making a choice for our main course wasn’t easy, let me tell you. There were so many amazing dishes to pick from and once we finally came to a decision we choose the Ceviche Roll and the Wagyu Roll. The Ceviche Roll was a spicy tuna roll with avocado, and garlic on the inside and topped jalapeño and yellowtail – which melted in your mouth like butter! The Wagyu Roll included crap, scallops, and asparagus on the inside and was topped with the cook to perfection wagyu steak, truffle soy reduction, and jalapeño. If we could have tasted the whole menu we wouldn’t have hesitated for a second. Cloak & Petal takes their time on each of their rolls to make each perfect and it shows.

No my friends we weren’t finished! It was only necessary that we of course try one of the sweet desserts. We went with the servers recommendation which was the Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake. The cheese cake did not disappoint at all. It was perfectly airy and filling at the same time. It was just the right amount of sweet and the best way to end this amazing dinning experience.

Leaving Cloak & Petal, we felt completely satisfied and not a bit bogged down thanks to all of the fresh, real ingredients we ate .Unique twists on old favorites plus the opportunity to try new flavors and modern takes on sushi was the highlight of the night. Service was top-notch, with each and every person taking the time to explain what we were eating and checking in to make sure everything was going well. Food aside, the ambiance was incredibly inviting and equally Instagram-worthy.  All-in-all, Cloak & Petal is the newest go-to spot Downtown San Diego has to offer. Foodies of San Diego – now is the time to make your reservation for a night out on the town at Cloak & Petal!