Here is your weekly lineup with DJhere! Tuesday through Sunday we have something going on and want you to be apart of the experience.

Tuesday, July 25th


American Junkie

Who: All You Can Eat Taco’s for $5
When: Tuesday, July 25th @ 5 pm
Guest List: Email

Wednesday, July 26th


Side Bar Nightclub

Who: Awesome Bosses
What: Sidebar Wednesday’s
When: Wednesday, July 26th @ 9 PM
Guest List: Email


Thursday, July 27th

Omnia Nightclub

Who: Elephante
What: Omnia Thursday’s
When: Thursday, July 27th @ 9 PM
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Friday, July 28th

PARQ Nightclub

What: Parq Friday’s
When: Friday, July 28th @ 9 pm
Guest List: Email

Saturday, July 29th

PARQ Nightclub

Who: DJ Mustard
What: Parq Satday’s
When: Saturday, July 29th @ 9 pm
Guest List: Email

Sunday, July 30th



Sol Sundays 

Who: DJ’s Frankie M, Igor Bogatoff, Voldrauf, DJ Business & DJ Will Hernandez
What: Sol Sunday’s
When: Sunday, July 30th @ 1 pm
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