Wet Republic is the pool scene at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. A summertime dance party boasting live DJs, hot bodies, and cold drinks. Wet Republic is the premium Vegas pool party with some of the best names in entertainment and even better food and drinks to boot. Featuring an enchanting 54500-square-foot venue comprised of large saltwater pools, intimate dipping pools, daybeds, banquets, tricked-out bungalows and cabanas, it’s definitely the exclusive pool party you don’t want to miss this summer.

If you’ve never been before, you may be thinking to yourself “what am I going to wear?” We’re going to break it down for you and provide you with inspiration. Keep in mind that this is a pool party first and foremost, so you’ll definitely be wanting to rock a swimsuit if you plan on getting in the pool (trust us, you’ll want to).


We suggest a cute bikini either by itself, with a kimono, high-waisted shorts, or all of the above! Don’t forget your hair! Tie it up in a top-knot or side braid so you won’t have to worry about it; plus it’s cute if you just plan on soaking up the sun on a daybed.


Rocking a unique one-piece will make sure you stand out in the crowd and will accentuate your body amazingly.

swimsuit one piece

Don’t forget the sunglasses! These are a must for protecting your eyes, and plus, they always add a little edge to your look.



It’s always pretty easy for the boys. Come in your favorite pair of trunks, grab your sunglasses, and maybe throw on a t-shirt or unbuttoned casual button down for a fun summer look.