San Diego is known for great weather, pretty people and even more beautiful beaches. No wonder thousands of tourists flock to this city every year. Whether you are a permanent resident or just visiting, you have to check out these amazing beaches during your San Diego stint.

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5. Ocean Beach
    Home of the hippies, the people in OB radiate nothing but good vibes. Take a stroll down the pier or swim around in the waves. After a long day in the sun, hit up one of the nearby restaurants and gorge yourself with some delicious local grub.

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4. Tourmaline Beach
    Beginner at surfing? Take a trip to Tourmaline Beach. The waves are slower and smaller than other beaches, making it ideal for newcomers. During the summer, this beach gets a little crowded – but all for a good reason. People flock from all over to have a great time and catch some waves.

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3. La Jolla Cove
    Does abundant marine life excite you? Head up to La Jolla Cove to watch the seals or play around in the tide pools. Located in one of the wealthiest areas of San Diego, you’ll be daydreaming about moving into one of those amazing beach front mansions.

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2. Black’s Beach
    Black’s Beach is full of fun and suprises. Surrounded by giant cliffs and clumps of secluded trails, hours will fly by before your eyes. Wildlife sightings are common here – so make sure you keep your eyes on the horizon to see if you can spot any dolphins playing in the waves.

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1. Sunset Cliffs
    • Stocked with hidden caves and trails, Sunset Cliffs is one of the most life abundant yet secluded beaches in San Diego. Isolation comes with a territory – you will have to carefully climb down unstable cliffs to get there. Needless to say – the trek is worth the hard work.