Robin Schulz Spotlight

Talented, Humble, and one of the most hard working producers out there today, Robin Schulz is the definition of a world class DJ. Schulz’s started dabbling with music at a young age and from then on his passion grew. As he started to develop his own sound Schulz felt like it was time to really do something with his talent. During the age of seventeen he began to play at small clubs in Germany, slowing creating a fan base. For the next few years he kept creating remixes and performing at venues all around Germany.

Schulz was still not at the level, yet, to work with huge artist but it didn’t stop him from creating the music he knew people wanted to hear. He found ways to take the artist’s songs, remix them, and generate that Schulz deep/tropical house sound. All that time and hard work finally paid off in 2014 when Schulz released his famous single, “Waves” feat. Mr. Probz, and he didn’t stop there. That same year he released his platinum certified “Prayer in C” feat. Lily Wood & The Prick,which skyrocketed his success.  These releases truly kicked started his journey into becoming a international DJ.

Within the next two years Schulz continued to produce and release number one hits including: Sugar, Headlights, and Show Me Love. Preformed at globally known festivals, such as Ultra: Miami and Japan, Tomorrowland: Belgium, and sold out tours all over the world. In 2016, Robin Schulz landed himself a residency’s at Ushuaia and Pacha, in Ibiza, which is one of the greatest achievements a DJ could possibly obtain. He even has started his only clothing line with his passion for fashion.

Now at the age of 30, Schulz has become the most successful German producers and DJs. He has certainly created his own genre and highly recognizable sound: “Deephouse with organic instruments with a touch of melancholy”. Schulz has far exceeded not only his own expectations of himself but everyone who listens to him. With the path his life is taking him, his success is only going to grow even further. And through all this success Robin Schulz has obtained, the most amazing and humble fact is that he is still able to maintain his easy going, down to earth, and positive attitude guy.

Robin Schulz is a class act and with his latest songs released, “Shed a Light” and “OK”, Horizon Beerfest is honored and excited to have him perform at the Embarcadero Marina Park North this July 1st!

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