1. The Boho-Chic Coachella Fanatic


Drink of choice: Craft beer or it didn’t happen.
Style Mantra: Fringe and feathers go with everything, right?
Music: Indie groups you’ve never actually heard of (but pretend you have anyways).

2. The Lightning in a Bottle Hippie


Source: This Is Melo

Drink of Choice: Kombucha
Style Mantra: 2 Words: WHO CARES?
Music: EDM of all types

3. The Burning Man Survivalist

Drink of Choice: Kale-Cucumber-Spinach-Ginger-Green Juice
Style Mantra: Don’t support corporate America – go naked. Body paint will suffice.
Music: Live percussionists! Actually, those are just fried hippies banging on some pots and pans. Same thing.

4. The EDC Raver


Source: Daily Motion

Drink of Choice: Water. And yes, you’ll gladly pay $10 for a bottle.
Style Mantra: Wanna trade beads? Gotta catch ‘em all.
Music: EDM.

5. The Hangout Fest Spring Breakers


Source: OffBeat

Drink of Choice: The cheapest vodka available (rubbing alcohol does not count).
Style Mantra: It’s either bro tanks or no tanks.
Music: “Underground” artists who recently became sell-outs.