Don’t know what to expect from Haunted Harrah’s this Halloween? Here is our official list of Do’s and Don’ts:

NO Open containers

NO Glass, cans cups, or coolers

NO Prescribed drugs without the prescription bottle

NO Flasks, bottles or outside food/drinks

NO alcohol brought down from the hotel room

NO Illegal substances

NO Drug paraphernalia

NO Fake weapons (Sorry, Zoro)

NO REAL Weapons (in case we need to spell it out for you)

NO Professional recording equipment

NO Chains

NO Pets

NO Laser pointers

NO Masks or face paint on the casino gaming floor

NO Eye drops

NO Markers, pens or spray paint

NO Stickers or flyers


Now that we’ve covered what you can’t do, here’s the fun stuff you CAN do:

YES Backpacks

YES Re-entry

YES Cell phones

YES Funky costumes

YES Dancing shoes

YES Digital Cameras

YES GoPros

YES Lighters

YES Glow sticks

YES Illuminated Costumes/Jewelry


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