Dive Day Club Season 3 is well underway, featuring a trifecta of pools, the biggest artists in the entertainment industry, and not to mention the lovely Dive Dolls providing all of your day partying needs. Everyone wants to know: what’s it really like to be one of the ladies behind San Diego’s biggest pool party? We talked to three bottle service girls who give us the inside scoop on everything from beauty, dating, celebrities, and what it’s like to be on the front lines of Dive Day Club’s elite VIP scene.

Meet Dive Dolls Talia, a passionate leisure specialist ; Venus, a Psychology graduate currently working on getting her Real Estate License; and Trina, who cannot live without chicken, hot cheetoes, and almond M&M’s.

How did you get involved in the San Diego nightlife/day life Industry?

Talia: I’m pretty sure it was poppin bottles. Haha I actually don’t remember!

Venus: I went to college with a girl who worked for one of the managers of Five Group at the time… He would get me to come out often and I became familiar with a lot of people in the industry pretty quick.

Trina: I did a photo shoot for Side Bar and they asked me to work there.

Do you have any hobbies or passions that drive you outside of being a dive doll?

Talia: Family, Friends and my French Bulldogs 🙂 I love to travel, cook, and practice yoga! The beach is my happy place and I am passionate leisure specialist.

Venus: Love to cook… And eat…. A lot.

Trina: I like doing crafty DIY projects.

What is your drink of choice?

Talia: I’m simple, I like my liquor like I like my coffee. Straight up. Don Julio with an orange slice and a glass of champagne to sip until the next shot!

Venus: Jameson chilled with a coke back to start my night before going out, a mixed cocktail with gin over dinner or glasses of red wine for a night in with girlfriends.

Trina: A good glass of red wine

What work-outs and fitness activities keep you fit?

Talia: Yoga. I spend at least 60 minutes a day, everyday on my mat. It’s 4% of my day and its the least I can do to thank my body for everything it does for me everyday!

Venus: Hiking every now and then.

Which beauty products are in your daily beauty regimen?

Talia: Coconut oil and sunscreen? I don’t really have a beauty regimen, I’m lucky if I wash my makeup off! So bad but so true! I don’t do well with rules, except for flossing and brushing my teeth. That is mandatory, multiple times a day. Oh and manicures.. I am a firm believer that hands and feet should be addressed as part of hygiene!

Venus: My L’oreal Youth Code daily moisturizer, coconut oil for hair & skin, and castor oil for lashes.

Trina: My Clairisonic, coconut oil, and Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Roller.

What is your ideal date night?

Talia: My ideal date would be during the day… at Dive. No but seriously my ideal date would be some sort of fun in the sun. The beach, lunch with a view… sometimes less is more. I am pretty old fashion when it comes to dating but a night out is such a wardrobe/time/getting ready commitment. Doing something during the day is less pressure, easier and if there is a bathing suit involved you know immediately if you want there to be a night date….

Venus: Cooking dinner with my significant other and then going to the movies after or if we feel like it, getting dressed up and stepping out to a club. Pretty simple 🙂

Trina: Good food, good wine, and beautiful scenery.

What is the biggest misconception about being in bottle service?

Talia: That I wake up looking like this? Lol I am sure there are many, but the bottom line is it’s supposed to be fun! Whether it’s a table, a ticket, or a free bus ride from a promoter, we’re all there for the same reason, to have have fun! My job is simple – pump up the party. I think it’s important to remember people work really hard to play really hard and I try to make sure that everyone gets the best possible service and experience, they deserve it.

Venus: That all we do is dress up and pop bottles… There is a lot more that goes into being a waitress that most people don’t see unless they’ve experienced it.

What is your favorite memory working in the nightclub industry, so far?

Talia: Most of my favorite nights are the ones I don’t remember with the people I won’t forget!

Trina: I have tons! When you get to work with your friends you create new fun memories every night.

There you have it! Still burning to know more about these Dive Dolls? Follow the Dive Dolls on Instagram for any other questions you are dying to ask them!

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