Dive Day Club Season 3 is well underway, featuring a trifecta of pools, the biggest artists in the entertainment industry, and not to mention the lovely Dive Dolls providing all of your day partying needs. Everyone wants to know: what’s it really like to be one of the ladies behind San Diego’s biggest pool party? We talked to three bottle service girls who give us the inside scoop on everything from beauty, dating, celebrities, and what it’s like to be on the front lines of Dive Day Club’s elite VIP scene.

Meet Dive Dolls Lindsay, a college graduate with creative passions; Kyndal, who loves cheese, running stairs, and tequila.; and Jessica, who has a a relentless passion for traveling.

How did you get involved in the San Diego nightlife/day life Industry? 

Lindsay: I got involved in the San Diego industry simply by the fact that I wanted to move out of Las Vegas. I had been working in the Las Vegas day club/nightclub industry and I wanted to continue doing so. With my experience and networking I was able to stay in the industry, just in a much better geographical location!

Kyndal: I moved here 2 years ago and interviewed at Fluxx Nightclub. They hired me and I started 2 days after moving here.

Jessica: I started working in the nightlife industry when I was 19 in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the (then) largest nightclub in the area. When I moved back to San Diego, my experience helped continue that path.

Do you have any hobbies or passions that drive you outside of being a dive doll? 

Lindsay: My passions include photography, live music, traveling, and interior design. Anything creative!

Kyndal: I love being outdoors, traveling and always trying new things. I also have my Real Estate license which keeps me pretty busy during the week as well.

Jessica: My nickname amongst friends has come to be “forever” (short for “forever on the road) because of my relentless passion for traveling. I went backpacking across the Andes Mountains when I was 21, and once I tasted the open road, I knew that was it for me.

What is your drink of choice? 

Lindsay: Family friendly I love green tea. Alcoholic, I love beer and margaritas, but hold the salt.

Kyndal: Shot of tequila.

Jessica: I’ve come to love the taste of a great champagne. My favorite would have to be PJ Rose. Yummmm.

What work-outs and fitness activities keep you fit?

Lindsay: For the past year my workouts have revolved around the “hot” movement. Hot Pilates, hot sculpt, and hot boot camp are a few of my favorite classes. I also enjoy solo runs with an ocean view.

Kyndal: I love running stairs.

Jessica: I’m not the biggest gym rat, but I love being outdoors. I try and hike whenever possible.

Which beauty products are in your daily beauty regimen?

Lindsay: Any beauty products that incorporate tea tree and coconut oil are always fully stocked in my cabinet. MAC is my go to makeup line and eyelash extensions are hands down my best beauty investment.

Kyndal: Mascara and Bronzer.

Jessica: Embryolisse from Paris, France is a must for nourishing your skin.

What is your ideal date night?

Lindsay: Anything that involves good food and live music at an outdoor venue.

Kyndal: I like to keep it simple. A restaurant over looking the ocean and a movie after is perfect!

Jessica: Something outside the ordinary, for sure. One of my most memorable dates was riding horses on the beach in Rosarito, followed by racing quads around the sand dunes of Ensenada. Beats the ol’ dinner-and-a-movie date by a longshot.

Do you have a favorite celebrity encounter? Tell us about it. 

Lindsay: While I am not a football fan one of my favorite celebrity encounter moments came at the Michael Jordan Celebrity golf tournament. Myself and one of the other girls ended up at the driving range with Jerome Bettis. My lack of golf skills brought about an unfortunate turn of events which sadly ended with me hitting and killing a pigeon. I was referred to as “the bird killer” by Mr. Bettis for the remainder of that weekend. Not my proudest moment, but a memorable one at that.

Kyndal: Serving Common when he came into Fluxx was exciting. He is talented and portrays such a powerful image.

Jessica: I love Zion-I, along with the rest of the living legends. A couple months ago, I was in Encinitas at an intimate venue watching them perform my all-time favorite song of theirs, “One More Thing.” Since we knew some members of the band that had performed before Zion-I’s set, we were able to stand on the side of the stage where even my shoddy vision had a clear view. During one of my favorite moments of the song, MC Zion turned and started serenading me while reaching up to lock in my swaying hand. I was star-stuck.

What is the biggest misconception about being in bottle service? 

Lindsay: I think the biggest misconception about being in the bottle service industry is that we are major party animals who lack long term goals. Not the case. I would say most of the girls I have worked with have college educations and a game plan for when they are finished working in the industry.

Kyndal: That all of us are the same! I have never met so many different personalities and lifestyles than the girls I know that do bottle service.

Jessica: People think that just because we aren’t wearing a suit and tie to work that we’re “bimbos” or unintelligent. I’ve also had guests offer to pay for my “services” to go home with them, which can be frustrating. There is a clear difference between providing excellent customer service while serving you drinks and working the streets. It’s a shame not everyone has learned to differentiate the two.

What is your favorite memory working in the nightclub industry, so far?

Lindsay: Working at Aria I was fortunate enough to work the Michael Jordan Celebrity tournament at Shadow Creek Golf Course. I was able to meet and mingle with so many amazing athletes and celebrity’s including Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Jerome Bettis, Bruce and Brody Jenner.

Kyndal: I love meeting new people. You meet new people everyday with so much life experience.

Jessica: It was a few months ago that I was working at a venue that I had a moment of appreciation for the nightclub industry. My body was dancing uncontrollably to the music, my eyes were locked like a moth to a flame to the lights up above, everyone was laughing all around me, and the energy was just electrifying. I can recall turning to one of the girls working with me that night and saying, “I can’t believe we’re getting paid for this!” So many people are unhappy with their workplace because of the monotony of every day. I can safely safe we never have a boring night, but to stop and exude gratitude during a moment of chaos was enough to leave a mark in my mind.

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