For those of you who were unable to attend Sol Sundays for weekend one and two here is what you missed.

Both weekends San Diego provided us with only the best weather, per usual. On weekend one our guests were greeted by a women and her poodle who were both well over 7 ft tall! As I.D’s got checked, tickets scanned and wristbands strapped on,  our brunch babes went all the way up.

When the elevator doors opened, everyone exited to the left, where they laid their eyes on Sol for the very first time. Nothing but smiles and excitement from everything to take in followed as they made their way across the rooftop.  There were flowers hanging from above, a uni cyclist rolling his way between the crowd, and a  juggler showing off his moves and making jaws drop. The crowds favorite was the women wearing the champagne filled skirt,  yes that is correct, a skirt that held up to 50 glasses of champagne for everyone to grab! It was a hit to say the least.  A mermaid in the water kept everyone light hearted while enjoying the water.

Weekend two brought some similar interactive elements but came with something new as well. With two contortionists on a ring up in the air, the Cirque De Soleil feel was really captured. With the sun on their skin, a drink in their hands, and a smile on everyones faces Sol accomplished exactly what it set out to do; provide San Diego with something that has never been done.



Aside from the interactive elements everyone on STK’s Rooftop enjoyed easy beats from multiple DJ’s, some but not all included FOMO, DJ Will Hernandez and Yolanda Be Cool, kept the vibe light and energy high. For those who got there early, enjoyed the phenomenal brunch provided by Andaz.










With people hanging out pool side, enjoying their cabanas or day beds, getting flower crowns made, showing off their flash tattoos or dancing on the dance floor, Sol had something to offer for everyone. It’s classy upscale environment had everyone talking. Join the action this coming Sunday and experience what everyone is talking about! Get your tickets here.