Trending on SnapChat, Instagram, and Facebook, it is time for you to pay Wonderspaces a visit. Located at the B Street Pier in San Diego, this pop up art celebration has drawn attraction from all ages. With over twenty unique art displays from around the world, Wonderspaces represents artists at an international, national, and local level.

Containing a wide variety of installations, this refreshing hands on and interactive experience goes beyond just observing. The simple yet curious pieces take their guests on a physical and mental exploration.

Interact with multiple virtual reality films that bring together both art and todays technology. Submerge yourself into a state of unknown as you embark on a journey from one world to another.

Observe room sized installations that are both humbling and intriguing to the eye and mind. The simplicity behind the observations leave an emotional impression causing one to feel both content and dumbfounded.

Overall, this unique hands on experience brings the public together through visuals, emotional appeals, and mind games. Separating itself from your average art display, Wonderspaces has layers that are waiting for you to explore. Here for a limited time only, escape reality as you step inside and experience what everyone is talking about.



For the full artist line up and tickets click here.