Uber has been met with great success in cities all over the country and has revolutionized the process of taking a cab in just a couple of years. In order to celebrate Uber’s success, Uber has released a new ride option, the Uber XL! Have you tried it yet?

Everyone loves the flexibility of Uber, and things just got better with this more spacious and cheaper option for those budget riders out in San Diego.

The Uber XL is the best of both worlds; it seats up to 6 people for a cheaper price than the Uber SUV. With room for you and your friends, Uber XL is comfortable and affordable. You can expect the car picking you up to be something like a Toyota Highlander, Honda Odysses, or Kia Sorrento, among others.

The breakdown in comparison to an Uber X is as follows:

Uber X Uber XL
Base Fare  $2.35 $2.85
Per Minute  $0.24 $0.25
Per Mile  $1.65 $2.65

Now that summer is coming to an end, Uber’s different ride options are the perfect way to get you and your friends to and from the beach, bars or pool parties. Check out the new Uber XL for a spacious, more budget-friendly ride!

If you or a friend is new to Uber, they can receive a FREE ride for up to $20 worth when signing up for the service by using the following promo code: FIVEGROUP. Don’t miss out on this opportune travel experience. Click here to redeem your free ride up to $20 today!

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