San Diego is known for the sandy beaches, grassy parks, perfect weather, and great looking people. Who needs a gym membership when you can enjoy a fulfilling workout in your own backyard? Here are the best places you can workout outside – all while enjoying a beautiful view.

Tecolote Shores at Mission Bay

Located in Mission Beach just off the 5 Freeway, you will find a hidden gem called Tecolote Shores. If you are an avid runner, enjoy sprints or a jog along the calm bay. Try crunches, pushups, or lunges along the grassy field. Bootcamp enthusiasts can utilize the monkey bars for pull ups and jungle gym for a more intense workout placed amongst the north east side of the main structure near the parking. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to get in a great workout that will leave you feeling breathless.

Embarcadero Downtown

This sunny spot is located just a minute away from the convention center, so you will be close to the heart of downtown. This spot has an unbeatable view of the skyline and the bay, with exercise equipment including two pairs of gymnastic rings, parallel bars, push-up bars, high jump touch beam, and a balance beam. You can also create your own circuit with other stations in Embarcadero park for aerobic or strength exercises. Basketball courts are also available for those looking to get a team sport going for their workout.

Volleyball Courts in Mission Beach

Beach volleyball is one of the best workouts you can get – all while having a great time and enjoying a day at the beach. There are countless volleyball courts sprinkled along Mission Beach and Mission Bay, so wherever you park in these areas, you will be able to find a court. South Mission Beach is a popular area that is loaded with courts that include outlines and nets. Get there early in the morning on the weekends to ensure a court and avoid playing in the afternoon on hot days, as the sand will burn your feet.

The Patch in Torrey Pines

Located at Torrey Pines high school, The Patch is a park that has workout equipment inspired by the U.S. military. Whether your workout for the day is aimed at incorporating cardio, endurance, or strength training, you may find yourself training along professional athletes on any given day. This park is open to the public with structures directly east of the baseball field. Create circuits, take a stab at vaulting, or try some good old fashioned pull-ups to increase arm strength at this one-of-a-kind park in San Diego.

Hiking Trails Everywhere

There are dozens of hiking trails all around San Diego which are sure give you a great workout. Hit up Torrey Pines for an ocean view, visit Potato Chip Rock for a cool picture, or make your way to Penasquitos Trail for a flat hike that is great for running and biking. Whichever you choose, boost up your workout by including ankle weights for increased strength training, lunges for leg day, or throw in some sprints for endurance. Hiking gives you the opportunity to get close to nature while also getting in a great workout.

Get outside, enjoy the perfect weather, and stay in shape! It’s easy when you live in San Diego.

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