Lightning In A Bottle is one of the happiest places on Earth. It is a truly unique festival experience that combines many elements into one jam-packed 4 day weekend. Nestled in the heart of California during Memorial Day weekend, Lightning in a Bottle sets itself apart from other gatherings by offering a fresh take on festival culture. Much more than just a music festival, LIB offers self-realization and spiritual experiences that will transform you from the inside out. If you’ve ever been to Coachella, you are already aware of the Do Lab, which just so happens to be the brains behind Lightning in a Bottle. According to the Do Lab, LIB can be described as “the ultimate gathering of: Yoga, Workshops, Art, Music, Performance and Sustainability”. Still not convinced? Let me delve further into the details surrounding one of the most influential festivals of the season.


First and foremost, people tend to gravitate towards festivals like Lightning in a Bottle to dance for days on end with no worries in the world. LIB may not be mainstream, but that’s exactly what makes it such a dynamic experience. Their 2016 lineup features an eclectic myriad of acts that will keep you groovin’ all weekend long. Chet Faker, Grimes, Jamie XX, Cashmere Cat, Alina Baraz, and Big Gigantic are just a small taste of the talent that will be gracing the stages all weekend long at Lightning in a Bottle. Each of the three stages offer a special musical experience, and we guarantee you’ll find yourself at each one throughout the course of the weekend.

Yoga & Meditation

Visit the Lucent Temple of Consciousness and experience yoga classes taught exclusively by a master yogi or one of the many guided group meditations. What other festivals allow you to refresh and relax in between long, crazy-fun nights? Bring your yoga mat and a bottle of water to experience eclectic yoga sessions full of music, bass, and live instruments. The temple also features talks and discussions led by visionaries across many fields. To top it all off, there is even a healing sanctuary full of oracles and professional therapists to sooth and rejuvenate your soul. Deepen your practice and connect with your soul at Lightning in a Bottle in a way you’ve never experienced before.


Immerse yourself in one of the countless art installations littered throughout the festival grounds. Expand your mind while you stumble upon magical areas that allow you to connect to your inner child and just PLAY! You will enter an entirely new world brought to you by brilliant creatives who conjure up unforgettable experiences just for you. Discover works of art in every corner of the festival and allow your mind to expand to depths it has never been before. Let the art take you in and inspire you. You may leave with a new perspective after allowing the art to vibrate through your mind.


Lightning in a Bottle is educational in so many more ways than one. The Learning Kitchen brings hands-on education on many holistic topics that will greatly benefit your life long after the festival is over. Combining both modern and ancient teachings, you will be taught many culinary skills that will teach you how to be healthy without sacrificing taste. Learn how to brew your own kombucha, how to be more productive in the kitchen, or all about balancing your body with tonics. There are so many classes dedicated to teaching you how to live a fuller, healthier life than you’ve ever imagined. Another educational lesson you’ll learn from Lightning in a Bottle is about sustainability. Winning “A Greener Festival’s” Outstanding Award for the past 5 years, it is the only US festival that has consistently been kind to the environment.

The Do Lab’s mission statement is to promote sustainability, social cohesion, personal health, and creative expression. At LIB, take all of these considerations in to considerations to make your experience one-of-a-kind. With so much going on, don’t worry about planning too much in advance. Just go with the flow and you’ll find yourself letting the day take you wherever it will. You will leave with new memories, blossoming friendships, and a refreshed state of mind. Lightning a Bottle is an authentic festival experience completely free from the constraints of every day society. Let it be your wake up call to live life a little fuller every day. Tickets are almost sold out – but not yet! Get yours here before it’s too late.