It’s taken me some time to process the entire experience of Lightning In A Bottle, because it was so incredibly magical. Unlike any festival I’ve even been to before, Lightning In A Bottle 2016 was an impressive blend of great music, good vibes, learning, yoga, and interactive art everywhere you turned. I’m not going to lie, I had no idea what to expect from this fast-growing festival but it blew any preconceived notion I might have had completely out of the water. Let me break down my absolutely favorite details that made my festival experience one I’ll never forget.

The Venue

Many dimensions of the venue thoroughly impressed me. The location, in the rolling hills of Bradley, CA, was a desert climate that gave you dry heat during the day and chilly temperatures at night (bring a jacket!). Although the weather was a little testy, it was the perfect aesthetic for Lightning In A Bottle. Within the venue, there were multiple stages as well as hidden treasures everywhere you looked. Random hammocks hanging in various trees? Check. A general store where you can give them a few bucks for some candy or a cig? Check. Bar located throughout? Yep, that too. There were even

The Food

With a perfect blend of both healthy and greasy food alike, spending a weekend in the desert was like taste bud heaven for me. I mean, I gotta have it all! With all the smoothies, pizzas, french fries, salads, green juices, and other deliciousness galore, I was blown away with the selection and quality of the food offered at Lightning In A Bottle. The garlic fries? After being covered in dirt from spending all day in the dust, bad breath only seemed fitting, and it was so worth it. Watermelon slices for $1? I’ll take ten. We even got a FREE pizza given to us as we sat atop the meditation lookout watching the sunset and it was phenomenal. And I kid you not my friends and I joked earlier that day about pizza being delivered right to us at the festival. CREEPY. I know, but so LIBesque.

The Music

Literally everywhere you turned at LIB you could find music jamming out, at any time of the night. Whether it was a mini DJ booth tucked into the camping area or a stage raging until 6 in the morning, there are no rules as to when you can and cannot dance at Lightning in a Bottle. Music ranged from the biggest harp you’ve ever seen in your life backed up by a killer violinist, to the deepest of bass that leaves your bones shaking. I loved the diversity that you could find at LIB as well as the never ending sources of stimulation. The most beautiful thing about the entire weekend was hands down the fact that you will never get bored, no matter how hard you try. Stay up all night dancing the night away with no worries in the world, at LIB, that’s completely normal.

All in all, I honestly believe that Lightning in a Bottle is one of the top 3 festival experiences I’ve had to date, and I’ve been to many music festivals. If you are a fan of delicious food, beautiful surroundings, and some of the nicest, most genuine people in the world, LIB is the place for you.