Headliner: Le Youth

Our headliner for Horizon Carnival is Le Youth. Starting off as a drummer and singer in bands, Le Youth accidentally stumbled into electronic music. Taking advantage of the freedom it provided, he put together the rare combination of R&B and 90’s house music, that will leave you feeling nostalgic, blissful and have you swooning over his tracks. Come and experience the timeless and unique sounds of Le Youth at Horizon Carnival this Memorial Day Weekend.

Support DJ’s:

Before listening to Le Youth, enjoy some of San Diego’s favorite DJ’s. Providing you with sounds from FOMO, Will Hernandez, DJ Byrd, Dirty Prado and Nick Saponaro, come ready to dance. All of these DJ’s are known for their hard work and passion for music.  Allow their music to guide you into the Horizon.

Entertainment Acts:

On May 27th, the San Diego Port Pavilion will be transformed into a never before seen Carnival. When arriving, the inviting sounds of our DJ’s will pull you in. Lay your eyes on some of the most prestigious cars provided by Target Trophy. As you get closer to the gates, the music will get louder and  you will lay your eyes on interactive actors in every direction. Snap pictures with entertainment that is bigger than life that will make for the perfect Instagram posts.


While listening to our talent, enjoy the delicious food firetruck provided by Dang Brother Pizza. Utilizing a 1974 American La France yellow pizza firetruck with a wood-burning oven built into the back of the firetruck, their pizza will melt in your mouth. Alongside the pizza, enjoy hand crafted beverages poured straight from the custom tap on the pump panel of the truck!

Bringing all of these elements together creates an environment that will be on for the books!  Horizon Carnival will be unlike anything you’ve attended. For tickets click here and use promo code HRZN4 to receive 10% off.