Do you know how many people around the world have to actually deal with seasonal weather? Other than the 10 raindrops we experience in the “winter”, San Diego has a mild climate all year round. It can arguably be some of the best weather in the world! Don’t believe me? Try visiting New York in the freakishly cold winter or Chicago in the blistering summer. Then, compare that to sunny San Diego and it’s ocean-cool breezes. Since we’re blessed with basically a year-round summer, you should take advantage of all of the outdoor activities there are to offer. Here are the best hiking spots that will help you work up a sweat, while enjoying all of the beautiful scenery San Diego has to offer.


Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

With ocean views and sea breezes, this is the best place to hike when it gets too hot to spend hours hiking inland. Trails are easy to access and not too difficult, making this an ideal spot for people of all fitness levels and ages. Whether you choose the Razor Point Trail, the Guy Fleming Trail, or take the Beach Trail all the way down to the ocean (a little more steep, but so worth it), you will burn calories while soaking up the sunshine.

Lake Poway

Beginning around Lake Poway and making your way up Mount Woodson, this is a more challenging 6.4 mile hike that is all worth it at the end. Potato Chip Rock is the finish line of this trail that everyone flocks to for a cool Insta-worthy picture. Just check the hashtags to see! Come early or during a week day to avoid the crowds of people lining up to take a picture on Potato Chip Rock. Am I the only one wondering if that potato chip will eventually crumble beneath a hikers foot?

Devil’s Punchbowl

The Cedar Creek Falls hike to the Devil’s Punchbowl is an iconic San Diego hike! The hike leads you to a waterfall above a natural swimming hole. This trail used to be closed to the public, but now it just requires a $7 permit purchased prior to going. Don’t forget the pass! They sell out practically every day and park rangers won’t let you in without one. To get there, set your maps app to 15531 Thronbush Road in Ramona. Hiking is fairly simple on the way down, but will get more difficult when you go back uphill. Stay hydrated!

Three Sisters Falls

Three Sisters Falls is named for the three waterfalls that greet you at the end of your hike. With steep, rocky terrain and challenging inclines, this is the most difficult hike on this list. It’s possibly one of the tougher ones in all of San Diego, as well. You will find yourself sliding on loose dirt, climbing big rocks, and fighting gravity as you climb up the mountain. Don’t forget the water and comfy shoes!

Los Penasquitos Trail

Los Penasquitos is a wonderful trail that many people overlook in San Diego. The route is pretty easy and will lead you to creeks. Plus, you’ll see a fair share of wildlife prancing about! Maybe hiking isn’t your thing, but you love mountain biking. If this sounds like you, head over to Los Penasquitos where biking is encouraged and seen everywhere! Located near Sorrento Valley, this hike will surely keep you coming back.


Featured Image Source: Connect English San Diego