Expect the Unexpected  

Haven’t decided on plans for Memorial Day weekend? Keep reading to see if we can’t persuade you to join us at Horizon Carnival on May 27th at the San Diego Port Pavillion. Horizon will be unlike anything you have ever seen. Bringing interactive entertainment elements to your experience, this event is going to activate all your senses!


Offering something different everywhere you look, Horizon Carnival will continue to catch you off guard for the whole duration of your visit. Horizon Carnival will be the first modernistic state-of-the art experience to ever come to San Diego on Memorial Day Weekend.


Be prepared to inhale San Diego’s fresh ocean air with a hint of some of your favorite food aromas. Dang Brother Pizza, anyone?


The food that will be presented to you at Horizon Carnival isn’t your typical food stand. What we have to offer is fun, out of the box, and adds to the experience. We are going beyond just good food. We are bringing original aspects to you that will make your food taste that much better. Dang Brother Pizza will not disappoint.


If you did not already know, Le Youth will be headlining for us at Horizon Carnival. Combining California vibes with a European flair, Le Youth will have you dancing for his entire set. Le youth will have you feeling like you’re back in the 90’s with his 90’s house music touch. Come ready to break a sweat on the dance floor and to hear the unique mixes Le Youth is bringing to the table. 


While at Horizon Carnival you will feel the energy in the air from those around you. Encounter new and old friends and embrace everything, as it will leave your senses submerged in the experience. Get ready to make memories that will last a life time!

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