Every year, us San Diegans have a tradition that brings us flocking like geese to one certain little beach city with a very famous annual. Hello Del Mar, California, where the ‘Turf Meets the Surf’! This sleepy little beach haven comes alive during summer with the fair, the beach, and most importantly (and right around the corner) the horse races!

Opening Day at the Horse Races – Del Mar brings the who’s who of San Diego’s elite. Amongst the floppy hats and sports coats, you will see world-renowned chefs, celebrities, socialites, and athletes rubbing elbows with locals on the greenery.

With that being said, you definitely want to make sure you look your very best… Luckily, we have done a little bit of research on both sides to make your Opening Day stress subside to a minimum!

Opening Day Do’s and Dont’s:

1) Topsiders are a must.

2) Bow-tie, bow-tie, bow-tie = Success!

3) The sport coat might be most essential part of the equation. Extra points for elbow patches.

4) The age-old straw hat. It’s like a tradition. Not something your Grandpa wears while mowing the lawn…think more panama hat…

5) Lastly, but most important, pocket-motha-fuckin-square. It’s like the ultimate mark of a (sort-of) gentleman. If Fred Astaire can get laid with a pocket square, you can too.

1) You know that extremely sex-looking dress with floral on it that you have been dying to take out of your closet? Now is that time.

2) Wedges are pretty crucial as no girl wants to be the dummy walking around in barefoot at the horse races because ‘her feet hurt’ (no sympathy).

3) The hat must not be too large. We know that it’s exciting to be able to walk around in something that is way too large,  has an animal or fruit on it, and is like ninety different colors but to be completely honest, you look ridiculous. Simplicity is key ladies.

4) Accessories are so key. Lots of bracelets, bangles, and layered necklaces to catch that sunlight 🙂

5) Everything else should be clean and sharp. Let your wardrobe (and perhaps the vodka) do the talking!

So with these little pointers, we hope we helped a little bit…most importantly, this is a day of fun to be spent with the people you love and party down with. Don’t stress too much, sip on a beer, and enjoy the show!