Fit Athletic Club is a popular gym and health club located in the heart of Downtown San Diego.  You may be wondering what all of the fuss is about with this health club – aren’t all gyms practically the same? Well, I used to have the same line of thinking, until I stepped foot in this one-of-a-kind facility. Let me break down for you my experience in one of the best gyms San Diego has to offer.

The Facility

As soon as you walk through the doors of Fit Athletic Club, instead of being hit with sweaty smells and bad lighting, you are greeted with an aesthetically pleasing environment and smiling workers. Much different from my other gym experiences, I walked into Fit feeling like I really wanted to be there. Not only is the gym clean, but there is also art, tons of seating areas to relax in, a beautiful outdoor pool, and brand new machines all over. The locker room was amazingly clean, and they had lockers that everyone could use. This means no more lugging around keys, bags, or padlocks during your workout session. Did I mention that the Downtown facility has an amazing view right next to Petco Park? I didn’t even begin my workout and I was already impressed!

My Experience

Before I arrived to Fit Athletic Club, I downloaded their app to see if there were any classes I wanted to try out. I was extremely impressed with the variety of classes and the frequency throughout the day. No matter what time you are going to the gym, you can most likely catch a class. This was a huge step up from the basic chain gyms that only offer a few classes during the day with very limited space.

I decided to try out the 30 minute ab blaster class after a 30 minute cardio session on the elliptical. The session was held in a nice room with low lighting and plenty of clean equipment. There was ample space for everyone, contrary to the over-packed claustrophobia which has been a deal breaker for me in the past. We started the class right on time and were taken through a series of sit ups, crunches, planks, and many other ab workouts that I’ve never done before. I loved that this 30 minute class focused solely on the core with few breaks, making me feel really accomplished when I left. Plus, the instructor was incredibly upbeat and played awesome music!

Overall Opinion

Fit Athletic Club exceeded all of my expectations. From the classes to the ambiance, I left feeling great about myself and my experience. Although I didn’t get the chance to experience the amenities like spa massages, physical therapy, their healthy meals, and top-notch trainers, I was still blown away by the amazing atmosphere.

Want to see what the fuss is all about for yourself? Visit Fit Athletic Club at 350 10th Avenue in Downtown San Diego and be prepared to be blown away!

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