If you didn’t attend the first ever CRSSD festival last March, you’re in luck! CRSSD Festival had such a great response from artists and attendees that they’re bringing another round back to Waterfront Park on October 10th and 11th! This one-of-a-kind festival brings huge names to San Diego in a beautiful venue right in the heart of Downtown. As we are gearing up to attend this festival in a few short weeks, keep in mind our survival tips to top your festival lists.

Don’t Forget Your ID

Very rarely do you see such amazing festivals that are reserved only for adults. CRSSD is one of those, only allowing those in the 21+ age bracket into the venue. This means that alcohol doesn’t need to be kept behind fences, it can be openly enjoyed and bought by everyone in attendance! Don’t forget your ID or you won’t even be let in.

Study Up Beforehand

I don’t know about you, but I personally love to study up on the artists before I go to a festival. With so many names on the lineup, it would be a crime to not do a little research on the artists you aren’t as familiar with. Who knows, maybe you will find a new favorite song/artist/group! I like to use Spotify because it lets you type in an artist’s name and shows you the most popular songs they have. Love a song? Add It to your CRSSD Spotify playlist and get pumped up for the music festival!

Arrive With An Appetite

CRSSD fest is not just about the music or beautiful venue, but it also boasts a list of impressive local gourmet food vendors as well as a huge selection of craft beer and cocktails. To get the full experience, bring your appetite and a few extra dollars so you can stuff your face with delicious food and drinks while you dance the day away.

Take Your Time

Don’t be a rookie. CRSSD Festival lasts all day through the night, with after parties galore until the morning. If you are going to be drinking, don’t overdo it if you want to actually enjoy the festival. You’ll regret it later.

Wear Comfortable Shoes             

There’s nothing worse than not being able to dance because it feels like you are walking on knives. Another pet peeve? Inconsiderate people stepping all over your toes. Wear comfortable shoes that are cute! Luckily for us girls, streetwear is super trendy right now, so you won’t be sacrificing style for comfort.

Bring Sunglasses & Sunscreen

The San Diego sun is strong, especially around this time of the year. Make sure you protect your skin and eyes from the sun to avoid getting headaches or looking like a lobster at all of the fun after parties. Nothing is worse than sunburnt skin!

CRSSD Festival is an amazing opportunity for San Diego to bring some amazing talent right to our backyard! Take advantage of this mini-Coachella and have the time of your life!