CRSSD Festival was back in sunny San Diego last weekend and it was simply magical, to say the least. Let me guide you through the highs, the lows, and everything in between at CRSSD Festival’s second showcase in 2015.

The Venue

CRSSD Festival takes place at Waterfront Park in Downtown San Diego. Since it was located right next to the harbor, festival goers were blessed with an unobstructed view of the sunset each day. Everywhere you look, you see palm trees, water, or a smiling face. Waterfront Park boasts tons of fountains that people were splashing around in all day to keep cool in the hot 96 degree weather. Three stages were lined up fairly close to one another, making getting between sets a breeze.

The Talent

The lineup was filled with popular names playing all day long. Day 1 highlights include acts such as Zhu, The Flaming Lips, Jamie xx, and Goldroom and Le Youth B2B. Zhu was by far the best set of the night, beginning with an ode to The Weekend’s “Can’t Feel My Face” and ending the night with a crowd singing in unison the Grammy-nominated single “Faded”. Euphoria filled the air while an audience sat back and danced the night away. Jamie xx followed Zhu, with the Flaming Lips headlining their psychedelic sound right after.

Day #2 was equally euphoric, with acts such as Kygo, TV on the Radio, AlunaGeorge, Claptone, TEED, and many more filled the stages. AlunaGeorge was gorgeous as ever, singing back to back hits that the whole crowd knew and loved. I enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t too crowded, even near the front, giving sufficient dancing room for favorites like “White Noise” and “You Know You Like It”. But, Kygo may have been one of the best moments of the weekend. With the sun freshly setting, a sizable crowd, and a remix of “Younger” playing in the background, you could tell everyone in the crowd was walking on the moon over how much fun they just had with the Norwegian producer.

The People

With around 30,000 people in attendance, one could argue that the crowd alone made CRSSD such a great experience, and that the lineup was just the cherry on top. Being a 21+ event, it was a breath of fresh air to be around only adults and able to find a bar at any given stage. There were radiant people everywhere you looked, projecting their happiness everywhere. It felt like a summertime dance party.

The Food & Drinks

With gourmet food, craft beer, & cocktails galore, everyone was more than satisfied with the refreshments offered at CRSSD. Whether you wanted pizza, Asian cuisine, or good a old fashioned sandwich, local vendors were plentiful and ready to feed the crowd.  My personal favorite? The French Fries!

Would I go again? 

Absolutely! CRSSD Festival is one of my favorite festivals to go to. It brings the Coachella vibes without all the hype, making it a one-of-a-kind festival exclusive to San Diego. Until next time, CRSSD! You will be missed.