Written By: Lauren Dawson

Coachella is right around the corner, and ever since I purchased my tickets, I can’t stop thinking about what I’m going to wear during those three epic days in the desert. Personally, I am trying to find looks that are unique yet fashionable. The last thing anyone wants is to be sporting the same cliche look as everyone else (cue the sunflower dresses and flower crowns). To accomplish this, I’ve been frequenting my favorite thrift stores a lot more this season. The trick with thrift shopping is to go frequently and never feel bad if you leave empty handed. Some of my favorites in San Diego are Buffalo Exchange, Thrift Trader, and of course – Goodwill! I look for good quality fabrics, name brands, and great shapes when thrifting, making it a lot easier to sift through racks of shirts to find that one hidden treasure.

If thrifting isn’t your style, try hitting up stores that rock the bohemian trend. Some of my favorites are Free People, Urban Outfitters, and beachy boutiques like LF. All of these stores will be carrying Coachella friendly styles in the upcoming months, so keep an eye out and go frequently to mix and match what you already plan on wearing with new purchases. Here are five trends to keep an eye out for when scouring the clothing racks for your ultimate Coachella wardrobe:

1. Crotchet

Crotchet is very much in style right now, but not the styles your grandma used to knit. Look for fitted dresses, crotchet trim, or a cute halter top and then accessorize the s*** out of it.


Source: Shop Style

2. Stacked Up Accessories

Boho accessories include hands full of rings, wrists full of bracelets, and a chest full of necklaces. Look for turquoise, distressed metals, and lots of coins to make any outfit stick out.


Source: Bohemian Blissful

3. Hats

Functional yet fashionable, one of my favorite ways to make any outfit pop is with a hat! As a bonus, your face will be freed from beaming sun rays.


Source: Slufoot

4. Chic Patterns

Patterns look fabulous when paired with simpler coordinates. I love a bright, funky patterned top with plain shorts and booties.


Source: Glam Radar

5. Booties

Booties have the ability to immediately make your outfit chic and trendy. Perfectly paired with denim cutoffs or a mini dress, try finding booties with either a sturdy heel or none at all to ensure maximum comfort.


Source: Grazia Daily

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