Coachella started out as a small, secluded music festival in 1999. Fast forward almost two decades later, and Coachella has now blossomed into a full-fledged right of passage for young music enthusiasts. The lineup was announced in early January and tickets sold out in a matter of minutes (per usual). Here are our top 10 (non-headlining) picks for Coachella 2016; will we see you there?

A$AP Rocky

I have been to my fair share of festivals and concerts. And, let me tell you, to this day the A$AP Rocky concert at Bonnaroo in 2011 is still the most pumped up show I’ve ever been to.  Combining his energy with Coachella’s vibes is bound to be epic.


You may not have heard of her until now, but let me tell you, SZA is the next big thing in urban R&B and hip-hop. Her soulful voice, undeniable energy, and amazing lyrics will move you.


This is a show you have to go to simply due to the fact that you’ll know more than half the songs played. Disclosure is everywhere now, and what’s more fun than being at a show you know every word to? In my opinion, there’s nothing better than that.

Ice Cube

As a self proclaimed hip-hop enthusiast, I was less than thrilled to see the lack of rappers on the lineup this year. Luckily, once I dove deeper, I realized it was quality over quantity. Ice Cube is simply a legend on paper and in person.

Alessia Cara

This young newcomer has gained quite a lot of momentum in the past year. With glowing recommendations from the likes of Taylor Swift and a fresh take on music, this might be your only chance of seeing Alessia Cara while she’s still “underground”.


Every time I hear of “Flume”, I instantly start hearing his catchy beats in my head. This Australian EDM producer and DJ will give you all types of trip-hop vibes with a little downtempo in between. Compared to the likes of What So Not and Chet Faker, you are bound to dance the night away at Flume’s set.

Thomas Jack

The king of tropical EDM himself, Thomas Jack is going to cause quite some mayhem in the desert this spring. His feel-good tunes will have you feeling beyond euphoric, I guarantee it!

Matt & Kim

This alternative due from Brooklyn, New York, seems to be a staple at many festivals throughout the years. Why? Because festival goers love their DIY attitude towards music. The duo is both fun to listen to and are great performers.


I’ll admit it. I love G-Eazy. And in the last year his credentials as a recording artist have grown exponentially. His most recent album, “When It’s Dark Out” includes features with legends such as E-40, Chris Brown, and Kehlani. He’s sure to give us an amazing set full of energy.


This act is just plain fun. Goldroom is an EDM producer and DJ that describes his music as dance music for the backyard and the beach. I say that there is no better combination than beach and backyard music for Coachella.

Did you get your ticket before they sold out? If so, who are you most excited to see?