Blackout Wednesday, otherwise known as “Drinksgiving” or “Thanksgiving Eve”, is the night before Thanksgiving holiday. Blackout Wednesday is arguably the best night (and Wednesday) of the year to go out – and also sets the unofficial record of being the night with the highest levels of alcohol consumption.

Consider this: you are beginning a four day vacation weekend, your hangover will be nursed with dozens of delicious Thanksgiving dishes, old friends are back in town, and the atmosphere is just all around festive. People are going out to kick off the much-anticipated holiday season and reconnect with people they have missed for the last year. It’s really a reunion night, where college kids and young professionals get back together with their childhood friends and long lost relatives.

Unlike other big going-out nights like New Years or Halloween, the crowds tend to be more joyous and disturbances are kept to a minimum. It’s a lot more about catching up than causing a ruckus. After all, who really wants to wake up in a jail cell on Thanksgiving morning? No thanks. Remember to stay safe this holiday season, and if you are going to participate in Blackout Wednesday, call an Uber or your great uncle Phil to pick you up from the bars.

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Featured Image Source: Cosmopolitan