Boxing is one of the most underrated workouts there is. Combining cardio, physical strength, and also mental connectedness, you are thrusted into an environment that will be a true test of your endurance. You are forced to not only use your physical strength, but you also must pay attention to the specific combos and read your own body language as well as that of those around you.

I had the pleasure of attending a boxing class at Victory MMA and Fitness in Point Loma. Not going to lie, at first I was nervous. After previously only taking one boxing class before in my life over a year ago, I wasn’t exactly a seasoned fighter. No one wants to be that one person in the class making a fool out of themselves. But once the class started, I immediately realized that my other classmates were not paying attention to what I was doing right or wrong, simply due to the fact that boxing requires so much mental alertness. Not to mention there were a couple fighters in the class that were younger than 10 years old, so I knew I couldn’t back out if a kid was doing it.

We began on the punching bags, moved on to shadow boxing, then paired up with another person to practice whichever combination we were instructed to do. The instructor walked around and helped with my form, correcting me where I was wrong and complimenting me when I had good technique. The only negative thing I have to say about the one hour class is that it wasn’t long enough! I was shocked at how fast the time flew by. This is a class I would highly recommend to people of all genders, ages, and fitness levels. Go at your own pace and gain some confidence in your own strength, you won’t regret it! To check out the full schedule of class, visit Victory MMA and Fitness’ site here!

To catch some real action, make sure to come to Fight Night at Parq Nightclub on Sunday, April 10th where Victory MMA and Fitness will bring together local and regional amateur mixed martial arts fighters across numerous disciplines, hosting between 10-16 bouts during its first showing at the new venue. Tickets for this event are moving fast!

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