If you’ve never participated in a bar crawl, you need to add it to your bucket list. Not only do bar crawls give you an excuse to dress up and act silly with your friends, but it also gives you the opportunity to mingle with other people who have similar interests as you. Follow these 9 tips for surviving a bar crawl and be prepared for fun!

9. Abide by the Buddy System

Find that special someone you know will have your back, whether it’s a buddy to take shots with, or someone to make sure you get home safe.

8. Have a Plan

You don’t have to create some elaborate to-do list, but at least construct a simple plan of action. That way, if you lose someone along the way, they will at least know the general destination for where to head next.

7. Beware of Electronics

Take your pictures in the beginning of the night to avoid potential drama. Not only is it rude to be on your phone while with friends, but you are more likely to lose your expensive smart phone when alcohol is in the picture.

6. Pace Yourself

Sure, lines of fireball shots might sound like a fun way to start off the night, but keep your priorities in mind so you don’t end up being the lightweight someone else has to take care of.

5. Don’t Get Tied Down

Make sure you don’t get caught in one bar for too long. You have to keep the mindset that the next bar could be ten-times better than the last, and keep pushing on.

4. Don’t Rush

It’s important to find a happy medium between enjoying yourself at one bar and moving on to the next. You want to be able to fully enjoy each venue, don’t rush through.

3. Eat

Forgetting this rule is a one-way street to disaster. Do yourself a favor and grab that double-double before the first bar, your body will thank you later.

2. Hydrate

Staying hydrated is a no brainer that many of us seem to forget when we’re having fun. Try and do your best to match every drink with one glass of water.

1. Dress up or get out

Find out whatever the theme is, and do your best to overcompensate for it. Team up with others, or make a unique costume for yourself, either way you want to look awesome and match the theme.

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