San Diego’s first music festival, CRSSD fest, is coming in just two weeks, and we couldn’t be more excited! Nothing’s better than a music festival right in your own backyard. Saving time, money, and stress from figuring out sleeping/travelling arrangements – this music festival is going to be epic! This festival will be taking place at downtown’s Waterfront Park from March 14-15th, which is arguably the best space they could have chosen for San Diego’s first music festival. Here are our top 5 reasons for shelling out the cash for this amazing festival experience that is right beneath your nose:

1. The Location

Located in the heart of downtown, Waterfront Park is a new addition to San Diego, and hasn’t even been open for a year yet! What better excuse to check out one of the freshest spots located right in your backyard? Plus, you won’t have to worry about camping out in grungy tents or not showering for days.

2. The Music

With a lineup boasting big names such as Empire of the Sun, ODESZA, Flight Facilities, Chromeo, Thomas Jack, Breakbot, and lots more, you definitely won’t find yourself standing around wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into. For the first try, FNGRS CRSSD Fest did a damn good job at booking top notch talent. This lineup is sure to impress and keep you on your feet.

3. The Drinks and Eats

FNGRS CRSSD is making sure to bring a top notch festival experience to you. With gourmet food vendors, a wide craft beer selection, and a mixology program, you’ll be in great spirits all day long. No need to go hungry or thirsty, your needs will be met at Waterfront Park March 14th & 15th.

4. The 21+ Requirement

This festival requires that you must be 21+ to purchase tickets, meaning a few things. First, there will absolutely be alcohol available for purchase. Second, you will have a true adult music festival experience. No worrying about accidentally hitting on a 17 year old or running into your little brother – just adults enjoying music with other like minded adults.

5. The View

Count on bay sunset views while dancing into the night. Walk around and enjoy the abundant plant life, trees, and fresh flowers that will be adorning the park. Sit in soft grass when your feet get tired. Enjoy being in a beautiful park while enjoying great food, company, and listening to up-and-coming and big names in the music industry.

Still need tickets? Purchase your one or two day pass here before they sell out.