Whether you are running late to work or you are just trying to cut back on washes, we have all have those days where our hair is dirty and in need of a quick fix. But did you know that washing your hair too often actually causes excessive breakage and can make your hair greasier? It’s surprisingly good for your hair to skip a day or two in between washes for the healthiest hair possible. If you have thin hair, try washing your hair every other day and incorporating a dry shampoo specially formulated for your color. Thicker hair can go longer without washing than thin hair, but you just have to play around with it to learn how your own physiology works for the best hair routine!

Regardless of hair type, you can always benefit from a little dry shampoo or baby powder to soak up excess grease and make your hair look flawless no matter how many days it has been without a wash. So grab that shower cap and try out one of these cute, fun looks that actually looks better on unwashed hair!

5. Boho-Chic Headband

This look is perfect for dirty hair because it covers up the roots and adds a fun accessory to your outfit. As a bonus, your hair actually holds curls better when it’s a little dirty – so go ahead and rock the curls too while you’re at it!


4. Loose Braids

Braids are amazing for dirty hair. They keep fly-aways at bay while also making you look put together and poised! Just grab chunks from both sides of your part and braid them to meet in the back to achieve this look.


3. Twisted Bun

A bun looks professional and keeps all of that dirty hair up and out of your face! To get this look, pull your hair together at the nape of your neck and gently twist it while simultaneously wrapping it. Use bobby pins, spin pins, or a hair tie and hairspray to complete the style.


2. Messy Bun

Forget the man bun! The messy bun is a secret weapon to all girls with long hair for an effortlessly chic look. Add a braid to your messy bun to complete the look and combine the best of both worlds!


1. Twist it Back

This look is going to require a little more dry shampoo than the others, but the end result is a perfectly laid-back hairstyle. Simply part your hair in the middle, grab chunks of hair from both sides, and lightly twist to have them meet in the back. Secure hair with bobby pins or a clip and voila! You’re ready for wherever the day may take you.