The bad, the ugly, the politically incorrect…

1. The Blow-up Doll… This could get awkward.

Source: Costume Super Center

2. The ‘Nip Slip’… definitely screams Real Housewives of Halloween.

Source: The Scoop of the Day

3. Pussy Magnet or Douchebag?

Source: Charts4Charts

4. Holy Shit!

Source: Lam-Lam Sisterhood

5. I don’t think “wow, what a precious couple” is the first thing crossing anyones mind.

Source: Pixgood

6. The Subtle Snake Charmer. We get it! You want to draw attention to your ‘snake’.

Source: Halloween Costumes

7. Sexy Sriracha? Sure, that makes perfect sense!

Source: Night Out


8. No thanks…..

Source: Party Time Direct


9. That’s a…. well, that’s a basket full of balls.

Source: Five and Dime Comics


10. This kind of banana is NOT good for your health. 


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