Lightning in a Bottle will be 4 days filled with music, friends, fun, and camping. But, if you don’t come prepared, you may miss out on creating some amazing memories. Here are 10 things you don’t want to forget – start stocking up now so you aren’t in a rush when Memorial Day weekend rolls around.

1. Portable Charger
Let’s face it, you will be using up tons of battery power recording videos, snapping pictures, and posting Instagram photos. This little device holds one full charge for your phone and will fit in your pocket.

2. Handheld Fan
Mobs of people, the hot sun, and dancing will definitely have your blood boiling. A little handheld fan will become your best friend, cooling you down when you start heating up. This is a lifesaver at festivals, trust me.

3. Hand Sanitizer
Your immune system is going to be running low after four days in the heat. Having hand sanitizer on you will help keep you from getting sick – because with thousands of people in one small area viruses are sure to be floating around.

4. Oil Blotting Sheets
Being outside for hours each day will get you greasy. These little sheets absorb all oil on your face, leaving you shine free and gorgeous for hours.

5. Plenty of Non-Perishable Food

While there are abundant food options at LIB, expect hunger to strike at random moments. You’ll want to have plenty of fresh fruit, granola bars, beef jerky, and nuts to keep you nourished and full.

6. Layers
Festival weather can be unpredictable. With hot, dry air during the day and cooler temperatures when the sun drops, you will want to have enough layers so you don’t have to trek back to camp and miss out on the fun because you’re too cold.

7. Collapsable Water Bottle
Hydration is key to staying healthy, alert, and happy at Lightning in a Bottle. Make sure you have a water bottle on you at all times if thirst ever strikes you. Collapsable water bottles are perfect, when they are empty you can simply fold it up and stash it until it’s convenient to fill up again.

8. A Lightweight Tapestry
You aren’t going to want to be standing all day, and sitting directly on the ground can be itchy and dirty. If you stash a lightweight tapestry in your bag, you can pull it out whenever you want to take a seat. They don’t take up much room, and as a bonus, sitting on a pretty tapestry makes for a cute picture.

9. Sunglasses
This may seem obvious, but sunglasses are one thing you definitely don’t want to forget. Not only are they a fashion statement, but sunglasses will keep you comfortable during the bright day – and make watching sunny performances a little more bearable.

10. Small Flashlight

When the sun goes down, you will have a difficult time navigating in the restrooms without some backup lighting. Bring a small LED flashlight so you don’t drop your phone in the toilet on accident trying to grab toilet paper. Plus, if you drop cash or your phone at night time you’ll be able to whip out your flashlight and avert a possible crisis.