The White Elephant gift exchange is the naughty sister of Secret Santa. Instead of bringing your friend a gift you think they will like, at the White Elephant party you’re supposed to bring a gag gift to make your pal giggle! Here are some of the funniest, goofiest, and stupidest gifts we found just for you, all under $30. Be prepared for silliness!

10. Fifty Shades of Chicken ($12)

This hilarious parody cookbook is just what you think. Combining real recipes with erotica, you’ll be drooling over these 50 chicken recipes.

Better safe than sorry! Perfect for the friend who does a little too many walks of shame – at least they won’t be walking home dirty!
Just one glass a day never hurt anybody, am I right?! This glass actually holds an entire bottle of wine, perfect for your alcoholic, I mean WINO friends.
Narcissists gotta eat, too! Flip those eggs and work that up-do, girl.
6. iFlask ($29.99)
Whether you are going to Coachella or your favorite overpriced club, this flask will get past security and keep you partying all night long!
With this inflatable horn, allow your friend to show everyone that Unicorns are real!
Is that a banana in your wine bottle, or are you just happy to see me?
3. 6-Pack Beer Belt ($7.50)
Tailgate like a pro with this hilarious beer belt. Holding an entire 6-pack around the waist, this Beer Belt will be the life of the party!
Let Jesus be your backseat driver with this figurine. Remind your naughty friend to behave behind the wheel!
For daily use only, cop one of these hilarious boxes for your “medicated” friend.
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