Tinder is the modern day speed dating. With an entire community at your finger tips, this app makes it easy to meet a plethora of people from the comfort of your own home. Of course, a majority of the people you’ll see will not be your best “match”. Read some of our tips for when you should go ahead and swipe right.
Do: Swipe right if they seems normal.
Let’s be real. Tinder is full of weirdos. Making sure the profile pic is not an epic attempt at a mirror selfie is the first test.
Don’t: Give out personal information.
Literally anyone in your area can show up on Tinder. Be careful what information you share with strangers.
Do: Swipe right if they have a real job.
If your tinder match is actually out there working, they will definitely have something to talk about. Substance matters.
Don’t: Put up old pictures of yourself.
Don’t put up a picture of yourself from 4 years ago when you used to have a different hair color or sense of style. Your crush might not even recognize you.
Do: Swipe right if they have a sense of humor.
It’s hard to be funny over writing. If someone can make you laugh via smartphone they might be fun in real life, too.
Don’t: Swipe right if he mentions anything about booty calls.
Saying “I am available for dates and booty calls” in the bio. REALLY? Next.
Do: Swipe right if they look like they enjoy having fun.
If you’re going to attempt a blind date, you might as well hava a good time.
Don’t: Make your main picture a group photo.
Someone in that photo is bound to be hot… and there’s a only 1 in 5 chance that it’s you.
Do: Message someone you’re interested in.
Hopefully, your match isn’t habitually swiping right. If you make a geniune match with someone you’re attracted to, take a chance and meet them.
Don’t: List your height.
Fellas especially. We don’t care if you’re 5’4 or 6’8. Let your personality do the talking.
Be yourself, be safe, but most importantly: HAVE FUN!

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